7 Amazing Website Design Ideas

6 Amazing Website Design Ideas

Through this article, you will find that all of the above-mentioned tips we has used this creative web design services tips in our website

Here are some of the tips when you are stuck on designing your website. These are as follows:-

Step by step plan

We first have to plan how to design our website because if planning fails nothing we can do that. You first need to know that what the website is all about. If you don’t know then what you are designing for?

  1. Stick with web standards

Creativity is a good thing and it is the nature of the web designer to be creative but it is necessary to make some boundaries of being creative. We should keep in our minds some web standards first. If you break rules the visitor confused and he has to turn them off.

Some of the established standards are:-

  • The website logo should be in the top left of the corner
  • The contact information should be in the centre or top right of the corner
  • The icons of the social media in the footer of the website
  • The searching option in the header of the website

2. Start with Mobile Devices

In today’s world, people prefer to visit any website via phone or tablet rather than on the computer. Additionally google announced that their website should be rolling out on new mobile first index. It means the search engine first see your website presence over the phone. For designing a website it would be a good idea that you first make sure their presence on mobile. It will be your primary customers.

3. Content Formatting

Content formatting is a key tool for the web designers. It is highly important element for your website. It is in the form of blog posts. Your content should be in the way that it will last in visitor’s mind.

Here is what you should do-

  • Headings should be include
  • Using of paragraphs and lists looks good
  • Use pictures in your content
  • Optimize your fonts in the content

4. Use A/B Testing

When we are evaluating different website design ideas, it is hard to decide which is the right way. We think back and forth and also not come to a decision. The option is to let the users decide what is right. A/B testing is a great way to make our website better. Serving your designs in a different version and see how visitor’s react. The result will further help you to make a right decision. If you don’t test you will never ever know about the designs.

5. Use of One Page design

Everything important in your website should be on the front and in the top. When a visitor scroll to your website then give reasons to visitors to stay on your website and don’t go back after coming to your website. Your content should be relevant to the topic and informative too and should be in one page and it’s also not too long.

6. Use of Minimalism and CTA buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the buttons you use in your website and on your landing pages to guide users towards your goal conversion. It’s the part of the landing page that the user needs to click in order to take the action you want them to take.

Menu Items– Your website should not be overloaded by the menus because it will create confusion and have negative effects as well. Stick only with the essentials.

Sidebars– Your website’s sidebars are also really important. From this, visitors click on the link for the information.

Finally, when you know about the purpose of your websites and pages then it will allow you to get rid of everything and solve your purpose and a beautiful look. Your designs should be simple because people don’t want to be much overwhelmed.

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